Al Wasmiya Group Event Gallery

Al Wasmiya Group is a business that is having multiple operations and different businesses including a restaurant, catering services, tent services, event planning, and management services. Whether you have a plan to launch a corporate or personal event or want to celebrate your or your loved ones’ birthdays. Al Wasmiya is definitely the right choice in order to do that. The pricing is quite affordable. Which means you can have all the Arabic, Chinese, Indian or Pakistani food, all under one roof at al wasmiya group.
Al Wasmiya group not only provide the event organizing facility, but they also provide you the partial services if needed. By partial services, it means that you can either get the full services or get the services in parts. Whichever is suitable for your event.

Why Al Wasmiya Events Organizer?

Al Wasmiya Group has been around in the Kingdom of Bahrain for over 25 years. Which means that extensive experience and expertise that a team has brought forward will matter a lot when you need someone who can organize your event while making sure that everything is perfect for your special occasion. So that you don’t have to worry about anything. Al Wasmiya provide the end-to-end solution for your event including catering which means that you don’t require to work with multiple vendors and you can take care of the rest of the things without any distraction

Ready to Contact?

Ready to contact for your event? Feel free to reach us out anytime by sending an email at [email protected]